Jack’s questions stump me

He’s making me feel like a crap mom. Jack keeps asking me questions I just cannot come up with an answer on the spot. Maybe I’m just tired. Yes, that must be it.

Not. He’s too clever for me.

Take today for example. He was eating a tomato [like an apple] after school. He loves tomatoes. And I asked him if he realized it was a fruit? He said, yes, he’d heard that before, but how could I be sure? Well, says I, “fruit have seeds inside and vegetables do not.” So he responds back with, “but pineapples don’t have seeds. Nor do bananas. So how are they fruit?”

Stumped. I have no idea. Bless google. We had to look it up. Apparently they do have seeds, we just can’t see them. But I didn’t know this!

Fast forward to dinner. I fed Sprinkles first. I was making airplane noises. And Jack says, with a serious expression,

What noises did mother’s make to get babies to open up their mouths before airplanes existed?

Again, no clue. No answer available on the spot. Stumped. And these questions were just from today!

He’s just too clever for me. Ineed stronger coffee to deal with this!



  1. Julia says:

    Clever parents make clever children!

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