Kids Baking Apron

Jack loves to bake. I think baking is such a wonderful skill for kids to learn and be part of, plus it’s so fun! To keep the mess of cookie dough and fudge to a minimum,  I’ve made Jack a few winter aprons over the years and this winter is no different. Aprons always look fantastic and they are very easy to make with very basic sewing skills. I’m going to show you how I did it:

All you’ll need:

I used 2 patterned materials, one fabric with stars and 2 meters of polka dot ribbon.

1 t-shirt


Needle and Thread

Step 1: We’re going to start with the body of the apron. To get the right size, I used one of Jack’s sleeveless T-shirts as a template. Lay the shirt down on your main fabric. With a pen, draw around the outside of the t-shirt leaving a 1 inch gap the whole way around. Continue down from the bottom of the shirt an extra 6-8 inches.

Step 2: Cut out the body of apron. Lay your ribbon over the edge of each side of your apron and fold the ribbon around to create a trim. Sew along the ribbon to adhere it to he body of the apron. Continue on each side.

Step 3: With the remaining ribbon you’ll need to create straps around the neck and back. For the neck, place one end of the ribbon on the corner of the upper main body of the apron and sew a double stitch. Pull the ribbon up, over and around to meet the other side of the apron’s body.

Step 4: Cut the remaining ribbon in half and sew one of each end to the corner just under the arms with a double stitch.

Step 5: While this step isn’t essential, it does look great. With similar polka dot fabric, I cut out a rectangle and with 3 simple stitches at the bottom and two sides I created a pocket. Doesn’t it look great?

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