Local Friends

Jack has been making friends at school. Many of them live in our neighborhood which has been really great. It’s super convenient, and the streets are so quiet that these boys can ride their bikes to each other’s houses without any worry! Jack is THRILLED with this concept. It’s easy to forget what simple pleasures can make a childhood special. When I asked him what was the best part of his playdate, he replied:

Riding my bike, of course!

Never mind the boy or what they did! [Cringe] I can appreciate that he likes these kids well enough, but they cannot replace the beloved neighborhood boys of Brighton that he’s grown up with. It will take time to create new bonds. For now, he still compares these local kids with his two hometown favorites, Finn and Louis. All boys here so far are nice, but they are no Finn and Louis he says! Bless.


  1. Andrea says:

    Your home and your street look so beautiful.

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