Make Rosh Hashanah Apple Bunting!

Come On! It’s the New Year celebration! We need to get into gear and make some decorations so it feels like a celebration. This bunting is really easy to make and oh so cute! You could also add honey pots to alternate the flags if you wanted…

It’s really easy! Cut triangles for each flag. Sew them together onto a ribbon. I used a polka dot ribbon here, but there are lots of lovely ribbons that would work!

Cut out felt apples, green leaves and brown stems. Hot glue them on.

Add assorted white buttons for a final touch!  Easy peasy.

You can also watch my Step-by-step video for making a bunting here.

Shana Tova Everyone!


  1. Lucy says:

    That’s way more clever than I was expetcing. Thanks!

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