Max won’t nap! Except when he’s not supposed to…

Max aka Sprinkles just refuses to take a nap. I’ve tried everything! I’ll wear him out playing. I’ll make him all snuggly and comfy. I’ll make him a warm bottle. He’ll yawn, He’ll rub his eyes, but the second I put him in the cot, he bounces up and starts rattling the bars like it’s a cage, babbling [thankfully not screaming] at the top of his lungs. Ba ba ba ba ba ba! He says. Da da da da da da!! All with the urgency of “Rescue me! I don’t want a nap! Someone, anyone, get me out of here!!

So on Tuesday, out of frustration, I took him out. I figured a car ride might do the trick. I needed some fabric anyway, so off to Hobby Lobby we went. [Gosh I love that store!!] And now, it has an added bonus! Clearly, Sprinkles doesn’t find it ths store as exciting as I do. The car vibrations didn’t knock him into sweet slumbers, but the shopping cart did!  I looked at him because he was being so quiet, and to my surprise he had fallen asleep! Bless.

Needless to say, we hurried home to get him down for a proper nap. I couldn’t shop with him like that!! I am going to try it again though…hey, I’ll do whatever it takes to get some quiet time once in a while!!

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