Miserable Fabric Ladies

So I went to a fabric chain today that starts with a ‘J’ to find fabric to sew curtains for the kitchen. Kitchen curtains are so easy to sew, and the right fabric will tie the new kitchen paint in even better.

But, wow! What an awful store in my opinion! It’s the third one I’ve been to, and they are all full of miserable employees that make it misery to shop there. I think this every time I go. Why?! I could see one location being bad, but all of them? What the heck do they do to their employees to make everyone so bitter? No one was helpful, everyone was bitter…and I was in such a good mood when I walked in! Yikes.

I only went there because it was Sunday and Hobby Lobby was closed. And I pulled their 40% off one item coupon in the Sunday paper. The irony is that I couldn’t wait to get out of there. They had some great fabrics, but I just wanted to leave! Even with the coupon. The whole place just rubs me the wrong way.

I got one sample, and it’s actually a pretty wonderful fabric to sew kitchen curtains with. But they charged me for the sample. CHARGED for it! Is that insane? It’s a 2 inch snippet. I paid $.82. I totally resent that. It makes me wonder if it’s worth eveng going back to buy the yardage I need…but even with the coupon I don’t think I can bare the doom and gloom of that place.

Is this fabric worth the pain? Or should I keep looking. I am really going through a paisley thing at the moment and it’s all the right colors…oh, what to do!


  1. Jules says:

    Oh Meg I really like that fabric it is perfect. I recommend that you go back and get it. Just don’t speak to anyone!

  2. Gillian says:

    I hate Joann fabric too. I assume that’s who you mean. It IS an awful store!

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