Mr. Stone WOKE ME UP to change the baby. Seriously.

Yes. Seriously. After all his meddling with my creative late-hour antics, I finally agreed to get a good night’s sleep last night. I slept for eight hours. Eight hours! Unheard of, for me anyway. Bliss. I can see why people like sleep. Too bad my life doesn’t allow for this on a regular basis but it was very nice…

The baby woke up at 6:00 AM on the nose. I was about to jump out of bed but he told me to stay put, he’d go take care of Max. Ahhh, I was loving Mr. Stone at that moment. I never sleep in anymore! It was Sunday morning though, and it was early. And the bed was super comfy…so I closed the one eye I had opened to peek at the clock and rolled over all snuggly inside my duvet.

Fast forward three minutes. Mr. Stone was standing over me, with smelly baby. You know that feeling when you’re sound asleep and then you realize someone is standing over you, staring. Yeah, that was the feeling. 


“Can you wake up for a moment and change Max? I’ll take him downstairs and let you sleep in, but he needs to be changed first.”

Pathetic. In an instant Mr. Stone was not my favourite person. No longer the loving husband who let me sleep in! I begrudgingly got up and changed the baby. He was smelly. Happy Sunday morning to me. Happy sleep-in to me.

The funny thing is, if I hadn’t been offered to sleep-in, I wouldn’t have been grumpy to change the baby. It’s the realization that you had something offered then snatched away that kick starts grumpiness I think. I change smelly nappies all of the time. It’s par for the course.

But I was grumpy all the way down to the kitchen with clean baby under my arm like a rugby ball. I was no longer sleepy. Mr. Stone couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go back to bed.

The irony is, my nearly perfect husband permantly carries around plastic bags in his pockets for the dog. He never wants to be caught out walking her without a bag. So there are bags in all of his clothes! They make it into the washing machine!!! He’s MR. CLEAN UP after the dog. So why can’t he change the baby? Isn’t dog clean-up worse?!! 

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