My Autumn Hair is a Disaster

Well disaster may be too strong a word. It’s not what I had planned. You see, the weather is feeling very Autumninal. [sp?] My hair was looking a bit too-much-chlorine-too-much-summer-in-Spain and the final straw [pun intended] was when a respected friend commented that, gosh I don’t look very Jewish. Do I not? [See Jewish Noses] Really?  Why, Scarlett Johansen and I could be twins! Snort. But seriously, I think it’s the hair. I don’t have stereo-type Jewish hair.

There there’s the boots. I was buying a pack of onions at M&S [I SWEAR that's all I went in there for] and then I saw them. Boots I absolutely couldn’t afford/had to have. So on a whim I bought them. My one great Autumn accessory. Well, I bought the matching handbag too. And the belt. But that’s ALL! I’ve been wearing them non-stop…so as to ease the guilt of spending money on myself when I should be saving…

So anyway, I thought, I’ll buy some hair dye to match the boots! I’ll be balanced, head to toe. Literally. The colour I chose was called Chocolate Cherry. They named it wrong. WRONG! It should be called PLUM.

My hair is purple. It’s not a lovely chestnut with undertones of Auburn. I look like the blueberry girl in Willie Wonka, except purple. You get the idea. I’m a plum. A purple plum. Woe is me and my hair. That doesn’t match my boots. That doesn’t look Autumninal. That doesn’t make me look more Jewish. But I may make you crave harvest fruit.

I’m going to read online today how to repair bad dye jobs. I can’t be the first girl who’s done this Unless anyone can offer a suugestion? Do I shampoo 20 times? Is there a natural remedy, i.e. baking soda? I will find a solution though because I can’t stay house bound for long! Not when I have these lovely boots to show off! Stay tuned…


  1. Sonia says:

    OOPS! Dunno if it’s too late to offer you this info.
    I had a hair disaster not long ago (think Mother Munster!) and didn’t want to overburden my hair with a product specifically aimed at removing dye (from already stressed hair in my case). Using Tresemme clarifying shampoo (which contains vitamin C) and dissolving the powder from inside vitamin C capsules (ten at a time), mixing it with the shampoo and leaving it on for 30 mins or so was a fairly quick fix. I did it every day – twice in the first day when I was desperate! – and it took about 3 or 4 days for me go out without a bag over my head. Worth trying. Good luck!

    • Meg Stone says:

      Wow what great advice! I will remember this for next time if it ever happens again. I washed it like a clean freak twice a day for two weeks and it’s mellowed to a somewhat normal colour…but I think I’ll be dye-shy for a long time to come!

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