My baby no longer folds

This is the defiant face of a my little bundle of joy WHO NO LONGER FOLDS. As in, he won’t sit in a car seat. Or a stroller. Or his bumbo high chair. Or anything else that requires him to fold. Sitting is OFF the agenda. Any attempt to force him to sit results in a vocal protest and bucking like a rodeo bull. I have to push him into a sitting position and strap him in quick while ignoring the screeches and, if in public, the stares.

I forgot about this non-folding  phase. But gosh it’s all coming back to me. For those of you that have experienced the non-sitting child, you know exactly what I’m going through.

And it’s just as bad, if not worse, in reverse. He starts bucking as soon as he’s unclicked. This requires fast reflexes. Otherwise he’s going to slide down and be off crawling backward into the nearest space. [Forward crawling is still a bit tricky, but he's fast in reverse!!]

And from memory, there’s little I can do other than force the fold, strap quick, and sigh.






  1. Julia says:

    God I remember that phase. Good luck to you!

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