My Hanukkah Home

For Hanukkah I like to decorate my home with lots of homemade decorations. My Hanukkah ‘Bush’ is no exception. It’s one of my favorite Hanukkah decorations to show off all my homemade trinkets and baubles, treats and gifts for my family. I’ll show you now how I decorate my Hanukkah Home with some key points to remember:

Display your creativity 

These are my glittery snowy branches that I hang my trinkets on.




I have chosen to use small and tasteful blue fairy lights to run down the stems and branches. The lights give a gentle glow, sparkling like magic.



I wrapped around a clear bead garland. I made this by simply threading and knotting clear beads to twisted wire. Then I wrapped this garland starting from the top and around and down to the base of the branches.





To this, I added blue and silver star baubles, tied with purple ribbon and hung on every other branch. Then I attached paper stars and snowflakes of various sizes. Don’t they look fantastic?



By far the most popular trinket on my branches is the Gelt baubles. My boys love these edible chocolate treats when they hang (momentarily) on the branches. Don’t they look beautiful?





Transform ordinary containers into sparkling vases

Lights and candles are central to my home during Hanukkah. I like to decorate my candles with glitter and I love the effect of glittered vases too.



Decorate your candles and vases with glitter and allow the light to glow around your home.







Decorate your walls, window cills and mantle pieces with glittery foliage to bring the outdoors in. Incorporate these leaves within your Hanukkah Dining table.


  1. Athalia says:

    Your Hanukkah bush is lovely! I particularly like the crystal garland – very creative and pretty.

  2. tee says:

    Hi Meg just stopped by to see “how goes it with you?” :-)

    We have a little snowy bush too! I enjoy looking at your decorations!

    I hope all is well!


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