My Valentine’s Day Home

As you probably know, I love to decorate my home for holidays and celebrations! Valentine’s Day is certainly no exception as I get to fill my home with even more love than usual! As is my style, I like to keep things tasteful and beautiful.

On the left is my front entrance room fireplace. I’ve kept within the dark pink and red palette to not overwhelm the space. Using 4 candle holders, I’ve framed my ‘love letters’ in the center of my mantle piece. (You can do this too by using my letter templates and a little splash of gold paint.) The red foliage brings the whole piece together beautifully, don’t you think?
With a few heart-shaped accessories I picked up my my local craft store, I’ve completed the decoration with red and white gingham bows. I love it!
Why not try decorating your own candles with red, pink and white glitter? You’ll find my candle decoration tips here.



Jack and I made these beautiful heart-shaped trinkets to display around the house. I also cut out a few extra felt love hearts to complement his brilliant work. These Love Heart Trinkets are really easy to make, you can be as creative as you like and the effect is fantastic.



It’s no secret that I love a beautiful bunting! Valentine’s Day is a great time to get creative with your Buntings. This is my favorite with the simple and effective red love heart over white fabric in the center. You could try making yours with smaller flags and letters to tell that special someone how much they mean to you. Click here to see how I made mine.



This is garland is the perfect play on ‘the key to my heart’. I was able to put a loving use to my collection of vintage keys with this flowing heart and key garland. If you don’t have as many keys as I do, you can make your own with my Valentine’s Day Templates. This garland is really effective and a great way to show your love! Click here to find out how I made mine.



Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be Valentine’s day without a healthy portion of baked love! These gorgeous cookies are the perfect way to say I love you. They also look fantastic! I’ve got lots of Valentine’s day recipe ideas from Heart Shaped Pancakes to Homemade Chocolate Truffles. Check out my Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas.


Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show someone we really care. There’s no better time to make the effort for our loved ones. So why not try making a homemade gift? I’ve got lots of homemade gift ideas and the list is ever growing. Check out my Homemade Gift Ideas section for inspiration.

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