My Winter Wonderland Home


I love to use home made decorations to reflect the seasons and winter is no different. As the cold and frost approaches, I prepare to transform my home in to a magical winter wonderland. From the icy wreath on my front door to the roaring fireplaces adorned with home made decorations, I love to enhance the coziness of each room. Against this firey warmth, I love to contrast snowy white and frosty textures to bring the outdoors in. Here’s how I do it:




To contrast the fire and cool winter colours, I love to use white candles and white candle stick holders near my large mirrors. They really brighten up the room adding warm yet wintery feel to the space.

I love to make snowball garlands to drap around my windows, mirrors and mantlepieces. This is a simple combination of rolled up cotton wool or wadding threaded through a length of fishing line. It’s so simple but very effective.




Large snowfalkes are also a wonderful addition to windows. You can either pick these up from your local craft store, print off one of my Snowflake Templates and cut it out yourself from white paper, wadding or a decorative doily.






Wintery branches are a wonderful decoration. They are just branches and twigs gathered from outdoors, washed and dried and spray painted with white and silver. They are so effective.







Tinsel isn’t my favorite decoration- far from it- but used sparingly and in the right colour, it certainly does add some sparkle to my winter room.






I like to recycle my autumn pine cones but spraying them a snowy white. Pine cones look fantastic and can sit almost anywhere in your home. A real understated but effective decoration.






My winter dining table is the centre of winter celebrations, particularly Hanukkah. I like to bring in an array of my homemade decorations and arrange them around my table settings. The blue, silver and white colour scheme works perfectly, just don’t over-do the decorations, you’ll need room for the food!






I love the glow of my glitter candles on a dark winter’s evening.









I love to use blue, white and silver wrapping paper for all my Hanukkah gifts, they look so great I keep them on display around my home!



There really are so many ways to decorate your winter home. Try combining the above ideas throughout your house. My vital tip though: don’t over do the winter decorations, less really is more!

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