New Year, New Home

After 10 years in lovely Seaside England, we’ve jumped the pond and set up home in a Midwest Cape cod. It’s all a bit sudden, it’s all a bit bittersweet. We love England. We’re renting that home, we can go back. I’ve always wanted to live in a Cape cod though. It fits my fantasy of the 1940′s housewife a bit more I must say. So as I mourn what I know, I embrace what I have right now. I’m leaping in with both feet, and greatful for a healthy family, a loving husband, and a beautiful new home. Here’s to the adventure!

I thought you might like to see the house. It stands empty because our contents have been shipped by boat, and two months we shall be camping in this doll-like house. We’re troppers. We can do it! And hey, it gives me an opportunity to paint and plan without the hassle of contents in my way.

But oh, how two months is a long time to be without one’s things. I now understand Maureen O’hara’s longing in The Quiet Man. John just wasn’t enough. She needed her things. I get it. At least there’s Target and Pottery Barn near by!! I’ll be making up for lost time. It would be easier to do this without a baby underfoot though…

So here are a few photos. It’s on a tree-lined street, in a beautiful area. Doesn’t it look like a doll’s house? I love the colours, the shingles, the shutters. I’m not sure about the red door. It clashes with my wreaths. I suppose that’s just an excuse to make new ones. And the door does suit the house. We’ll see.

The dining room is a bit too dark, a bit too dramatic for me. I will be painting it very soon. It’s large and bright, and floats directly off the main living room. That room has tons of potential, from the bay window to the wide staircase and traditional fireplace.

I will enjoy decorating this space. The sugar-cookie dough coloured walls will have to go though! Yikes, these are not my colours. The floors are in fantastic shape though, as is the crown mouldings. So I’m pleased overall.

The garden is lovely and large. I can’t wait to build my boys a huge tree house/climbing frame with swings and a slide. This has the makings of a magical back garden. I also can’t wait to get my fingers in the soil. I can already plan where my vegetable garden will go.

The boys bedrooms have lots of potential. They are large and bright, and Jack’s has built in shelving and a walk in! He wants a bug theme. I’m up for that challenge. We’ll need to find some large tree branches. And some rubber bugs.

Max’s room is a bit too green for me. I love green but GOSH! This will have to be repainted. It’s a lovely space otherwise…

The basement will be our first official project. It will be the perfect den for Mr. Stone. It has amazing stone walls and a real fireplace. It just needs some walls, some carpet, some softening. Give me two weeks…or so she says! 


I can’t wait to get stuck in the craft room. It’s light and bright and has a french door that leads to the garden beyond. Oh joy, this will become a wonderful room.

But for now, I will plan. And perhaps do a bit of painting…much easier without contents to work around. A blessing in disguise! Stay tuned. This house will become a home soon enough…


  1. Julia says:

    Oh it’s gorgeous Meg! I see the potential. You will do amazing things with it for sure!

  2. Tee says:

    It is really beautiful Meg. I cannot wait to see what you do with it. Watch out for kewpies underfoot! :-D

    Many Blessings! :-)


  3. viv srebrenik says:

    Oh! I´m so happy for you! You will do magic in this house! Can´t wait to see the step by step. Shabbat Shalom. :)

    • Meg Stone says:

      Thanks Viv! We’re getting into it but gosh getting settled after moving sure takes a long time! I hope you enjoy the site and visit often. Good shabbos!

      • Maria says:

        Thank you for the blog post. My spouse and I get so many great ideas from your site! Congrats on the new home.

  4. Lilly Gould says:

    I wondered where you’d gone. I am glad you are settled and writing again! Your posts have been missed.

  5. Alex says:

    It is like one of those homes you see in black and white movies where the family life is perfect. Mazel Tov.

  6. Kitty says:

    really really pretty. it needs a picket fence to make it perfect.

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