One of the Last Boot Sales

I love Boot Sales. Boot fairs. Antiques Markets. Open air markets, they are all fabulous in my book. Any opportunity to be outside during gorgeous weather, shopping for bargains, hunting for treasures–it’s all magic to me. They are seasonal though. Come mid-Autumn, they all stop. And this weekend was one of the last, well until next March anyway.

The weather was warm and clear and the finds were fantastic. There are approximately seven boot fairs and one antiques fair in our area every Sunday in Summer, and we can at best, visit three of them. But that’s pushing it. Two is more realistic. So after reading through the adverts, we decided to visit two of the boot fairs in the fields. As in farm fields. They are more exhausting to walk through but they tend to offer better bargains.

Jack got a bag of baking apples with his pocket money. My boy loves to bake! and an ice cream…

We brought Gracie with us as she loves to sniff everything, but it slows us down as we get stopped every 20 seconds. People want to stroke her, ask what kind of dog she is, tell us she looks like the steiff dog on wheels. Yes, we know. They modeled it after her breed. She’s a Welsh Terrier, related to Wire Haired Terriers. She’s a very old breed, popular in the 1930′s. Sweet, but high spirited.


So what were my big finds? Well, this cute hat for Sprinkles [modelled at home after the fairs]:









and I found this jug: LOVE IT!!! the autumn leaves, and this necklace.

Cool, huh? We spent less than £10. Including the petrol. Happy days!



  1. Joan says:

    Great finds at the boot sales! I especially like the jug. Thanks for sharing what catches your eye. I wish I was walking the fields with you.

    • Meg Stone says:

      The jug is cool, huh? The glaze is all drippy. I assume that’s intentional. The colour is just a perfect sea blue-green. I don’t think I’ve ever seen glaze this colour before. I just love it. You know it a good purchase when as you’re walking around with it, people are trying to buy it off of you. I had to also stop setting it down as every time I did [to go through a box or pile on a table] someone would try to pick it up…

    • Matty says:

      Big help, big help. And spueraltive news of course.

  2. Peerless says:

    At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for potisng!

  3. Xexilia says:

    Full of sialent points. Don’t stop believing or writing!

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