Our Potato Harvest

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know potatoes are super duper cheap at the grocery store. But that’s not the point. I’m trying to show Jack the magic of growing our own vegetables. Besides, really fresh potatoes taste amazing. Like you can’t even imagine. Soo much better than the store bagged variety.

Our summer and Autumn vegetable garden has simply been amazing this year. One of the most surprising winners for me has deflinitely been the potatoes!

We bought a starter potato at Poundland. I wasn’t sure if it would work [it just looks like a wrinkly old potato!] but we stuck it in a pot of dirt and watered it once in a while. Lo and behold we’ve had FIVE potato crops so far this year, with no end appearing in site. Every time we crave pots we just go up to the roof and dig around for another handful. It’s a magical experience. Even if it does ruin a decent manicure.


And click here to see  what Mr. Stone did with them…

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