Painting Hanukkah Cards

Everyone appreciates a homemade card. Considering store-bought Jewish cards often lack imagination [if they can be sourced at all] this is a lovely way to add a touch of beauty to Hanukkah.

There are no right or wrong rules to making holiday cards; but I have a few suggestions:

Think about envelopes first. Decide if you’re going to use a package of blank card stock with matching envelopes, card stock cut to fit universal envelopes, or scrap card stock closed with a punch and ribbon (or pipe cleaners!) in lieu of an envelope. Have these supplies all ready before you begin painting the cards.

(My son Jack’s cards pictured here were handed out to his friends at school and not mailed; therefore we opted to not use envelopes. He closed them with a hole punch and a silver pipe cleaner.)

Prepare for mess! If your children are young like my son is, provide aprons and protective drop cloths. It goes without saying that paint can be messy…

Be creative. Don’t limit the art supplies to just paint. I pulled out varying shades of blue and silver paint for Jack, but I also pulled out glitter and fake snow to add texture and interest to the cards. When the cards were dry, I helped Jack use a large snowflake punch to show our blue paper on the inside.

Be patient! Allow ample time for the cards to dry before placing them in the envelopes or they may stick.


  1. Kiki says:

    Great idea! Thanks

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