Passover Prep

Well, the week leading up to Passover [click here for the short passover explanation!] is the busiest cleaning week of the year at our house. I am one with the vinegar, newspaper and brillo pads!! Every glass surface has been vinegared, and every other surface is getting brilloed!! I have gone through, like, 8 boxes. Seriously. I just feel the to scrub scrub scrub!! They are brilliant; they clean everything from floors to counters to pots and pans to high chairs…scrub soft for scratchable surfaces–scrub hard to get the grime! it’s like pregnancy nesting [no, I'm not!!] but I am super cleaning mad one weeka year. It’s tradition!!

Then on Thursday, the decorations go up! We’ve made frog bunting, locust branches [for the table] table runners and lots of other cool ‘plague’ things. I’ll post photos asap!

Then comes Friday morning, the cooking and baking begins! We’re hosting the first, the heading to an awesome seder at Jack’s friend’s Grandmother’s house for Saturday. I’ve posted some of my favorite Passover recipes below to inspire you. Remember, NO bread or leavens of any kind!! We’re starting off with matzo ball soup as the first course, then Horseradish-encrusted salmon will be our star dish this Friday as we don’t eat meat. It’s AMAZING!! I’m also baking apples and stuffing them with charoset to go with the fish, and macaroons, and pavlova for dessert. I’ll post as I go. But for now, back to scrubbing!! M

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