Planning a Baby Nursery

I believe that a baby’s nursery bedroom should be practical and beautiful! Here are some lovely ideas that have a positive effect on decorating a wonderful room for your little one!

To achieve a beautiful and clutter free space, it is important to think about these three key ideas:

1 Theme
To create continuity in the room and balance the space with the rest of your house. It’s great to think ahead, that’s why I used cloud wallpaper, it’s versatile so I won’t be adhering wallpaper for a good few years!

2 Logical Storage and Practical Layout
Having things close to hand is very important when you have a baby. Being able to access a muslin, nappy or bottle when needed is essential so I recommend laying out the space practically and storing your items logically.

3. Create a Calming Ambience
Lighting, curtains and colour are vital for creating a calming ambience. My lights all have dimmers on them so when my baby needs feeding in the early hours he’s soon back to sleep with dimmed lights.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about my son Max’s Stork nursery. I hope it’s inspired you!

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