Popsicle Stick Hanukkah Stars

Making a popsicle Star of David is something every child should at least try! It’s such a simple but fun craft that kids of all ages can enjoy.

All you’ll need for 1 star:

6 popsicle sticks




I’d recommend placing some newspaper on your surface for this one!

Step 1: Start off painting each popsicle stick blue on both sides. For a sparkly effect, dab some glue over each of your sticks and sprinkle over the glitter.

Step 2: With three sticks, form a triangle by dabbing glue to each end and sticking together. Repeat with the other 3 sticks.

Step 3: Place one triangle on your surface and place the other on top. Glue together.

A Star of David that every child can make!



  1. Joan says:

    I really like all your ornament ideas, especially the ones that ae easy for little ones to make. I also love the glittery branches. Stark branches sprayed white would also be a good place to start. What a beautiful display, Meg.

  2. Joanne says:

    These are soo cute!

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