Quality time is sometimes doing nothing at all

Mr. Stone dragged us to the beach tonight. By dragged, I mean we were all doing things in the house, on a roll, every day tasks in life. But he was insistant.

Stop folding laundry. The boys don’t need baths. C’mon! The Sunset is beautiful!

He wouldn’t take no for an answer. So off to the beach we walked.  Mind you, it’s only a block away. But it’s a school night, the boys had already been fed and we had just started the evening routine.

Sometimes when you live near something like a beach, you take it for granted. It was a gorgeous night though; one of those sunsets that you just have to stare at. Even the baby stared. We just sat on the beach, my little family of four, and enjoyed an Autumn sunset. It was lush.

Sometimes quality time is just that. Enjoying family and stopping to take a breath now and then to just look at what our beautiful world has to offer.






  1. Joan says:

    I see Max is already sporting his new hat! What a beautiful sunset….thanks for sharing your joy in simple things.

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