Stork Nursery Deux

I bought all of Max’s Stork nursery items when I was pregnant. That top floor servant’s quarter in the Brighton house was just a perfect nursery space. [You can see my video tour of it here: Baby's Nursery But it's a new year, new house...and while I can justify/understand/support Jack's whim for a new theme, Sprinkles is just too little for me to go needlessly changing his decor. I have had to modify though, as he's now at that grabbing/exploring baby stage and safety is more of an issue. The canopy has had to go, and the mobile had to be repurposed to over the changing station so I could hang it higher than the bed. He's standing up in the cot now, so he could rip both of those down with glee.

Here's what the room looked like when we moved in:

I love green, but not this much in a small space. So we painted the walls tan sans one one painted blue. I like the contrast of the tan with the white furniture and for the blue wall I plan to make 3 dimentional clouds out of foam core and cotton wadding to enhance in the stork theme. I'll post photos once I've done this! Here's what the room looks like so far...

The furniture is sturdy and practical. The changing table has great storage! I made the bunting [click here for instructions how to make one.] The chair is from IKEA. It’s comfortable and versatile enough to be repurposed into another room when I no longer need a chair in his room.

 The cot was Jack’s and turns into a Toddler bed. The stork bedding was a discontinued line from PBK that I bought on eBay. The tree decal is from Target. On that subject–I’m changing my opinion on decals. I used to hate them. But they’ve come a long way since Sponge Bob stickers…these are lovely and tasteful I think!

Isn’t the new nursery a beautiful space? It’s been put together on a budget, and now recycled into a larger, brighter space. Obviously t’s a work in progress but I’m pleased. I’d like to hear what you all think…


  1. Annie says:

    You should be on HGTV.

    • Meg Stone says:

      Wow, thanks for the ego boost! From your comment to HGTV’s ears!!!

      • Julia says:

        I am going to recreate this room. I was looking for something perfect for my precious innocent little person. And you have helped to capture just that. I cannot believe that I am a grandma, but am proud to know that I am of this little princess. Awesome job of inspiring, you will make a lot of people very,very happy. Keep up the great work!! I love your site!

  2. Alison says:

    I love it. You have a gift.

  3. Susan says:

    Simply beautiful.

  4. viv srebrenik says:

    Divine! Did you study interior design? I´m a designer and I can tell you use very well design tools. :) Congrats!

  5. david mckenna says:

    wow insane it look great it was only a month ago it was green:D

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