Super Easy No-Sew Yoda Costume

Jack was invited to a Star Wars themed party this weekend.  To be honest, I forgot we had to make a costume for it until  Jack looked at the wall calendar and reminded me. The day before. However, he’d never seen the films, so he wasn’t sure which character he wanted to go as.

Mr. Stone set the original and Return of the Jedi up for Jack to watch. He loved them! I was folding laundry when he came and found me to announce that he wanted to go as Yoda. Err, okay. It turns out, that’s an easy costume to pull together. It didn’t even require any sewing!!

Here’s how I made it:

  1. I cut out two ears from cardboard and taped them to a headband.
  2. I put him in one of my green t-shirts so it was intentionally too big and gathered at the sleeves.
  3. I cut one long rectangle of olive green canvas [scrap fabric that I had but a pillow case would work perfectly too!] and cut a hole in the middle for his head. I  pulled this strip of fabric over his head and secured with a green ribbon around his waist on top.
  4. Next I draped a green patterned winter scarf over his shoulders and tucked it under the ribbon. I pulled it at the neck to give the effect of a hood on his back and at the waist to look gathered.
  5. Finally, with green face paint [Halloween basic grease paint pot] I wiped his face green and the cardboard ears [both sides!!] too.
  6. He tucked a green glow stick in his waist to give the ‘light saber’ effect.

Easy peasy and it looks great, doesn’t it? He won first prize for best outfit!


  1. Josie Bachman says:

    I love this! Thank you for the good idea. I can’t sew but I can make this. I suppose you could use this draping effect for other costume ideas too.

  2. Nibby says:

    Nohintg I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

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