Thankful Traditions

So today is America’s Thanksgiving. And even though we Stones reside in the UK, we are reared Americans [well at least Mr. Stone and I are, it's odd to think our boys are not] and we grew up with Thanksgiving. We may be eight thousand miles away from the ‘new world’ and hundreds of years past the days of pilgrims and indians  struggling to survive…but the sentiment of eating a meal with friends, family and people you love while thinking about all of the blessings to be thankful for…that’s a timeless tradition that’s lovely to honour.

Thanksgiving is really a family celebration. For years my paternal grandfather was the head of our table. It feels like only last year that I sat eating his food. In reality, he’s been gone for close to fifteen years. Another fond Thanksgiving memoryI cherish, is the year I sat in my future mother-in-law’s dining room holding hands with Mr. Stone under the table, when he told the room that his ‘blessing to be thankful for, was me.’ We had just announced our engagement.

It also doesn’t seem so long ago, Mr. Stone and I flew out to my brother Nate who was at university in Atlanta, and we brought Cosmo on the plane with us. [Cosmo is a good little flyer and has been all over the world!] I realized yesterday that trip was a good decade ago. Again, it feels like a year or two past.  I can remember most if not all of my Thanksgivings, and it’s a great milestone to take note of time and how life moves on. To realize how our blessings change and grow. [check out the photo of them, ha ha what was Mr. Stone thinking with Billy Idol hair?! And I thought it was cool at the time! Grin.]

Halloween may be my favourite celebration of the year [no secret there, eh?] but Thanksgiving for certain it’s my brother Nate’s favourite. And it well may be Mr. Stone’s too. It was definitely my grandfather’s. It’s brings everyone together, without the stress that many other celebrations can create. Food for us is about comfort and tasting love. And spending time with family in the kitchen. And around the table. And everything that goes with family time together.

This year, an ocean and long past family reduce the number around our table. But we’ll be on the phone, no doubt, comparing food notes and laughing with the family and friends we can. And sharing stories and memories of Thanksgivings past. The love that binds is always something to be thankful for. The tradition of taking a day out, once a year, to recognizing our blessings is wonderful. Regardless of how it started or where you are based, I hope everyone today spends a moment and gives thanks for the blessing they have.

We all have something to be thankful for.

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