Thanksgiving Turkey Place Settings

These turkey place settings are great fun for kids to make as it’s a messy but fantastic way to create a plump turkey place setting. Whatever your child’s age, these place settings always turn out looking great in different colours, shapes and sizes. Prepare for a messy craft space and paint almost every by laying down a lot of old newspaper!


What you’ll need:

Poster paint: Reds, browns, orange, green, blue, whatever colours you want your turkey to be!

1 Large sheet of thick card stock.

Felt marker pen.


Step 1:

Pour out your colours on to a mixing palette, this colour will be the body of the turkey. Jack went for a reddish brown colour for the body and head, blue, green, yellow and orange for the feathers. With your paint brush, paint the palm of your hand and your thumb in the colour you’d like the body to be. Then paint each finger a different colour.

Stamp your painted hand down on the sheet of card and hold for a few seconds. Lift your hand and the base of your turkey is there!


Step 2:

With a little orange paint, draw on some feet and with black, paint on the eyes. When the paint has dried, you can write on the names of those that will be seated at your table.


Step 3:

When your painting had dried, cut around the outside, allowing a rectangular inch of card at the bottom. Fold this piece of card back so your turkey place setting can stand on your table.

Dot your place setting around your table. It’s great when kids can contribute to the Thanksgiving table!


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