Thanksgiving Visuals

I like to create ‘mood boards’ of images that are both mine and sourced on the Internet to inspire me. Here’s my growing compilation of visuals for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful celebration. Even though we live in the UK, we still celebrate it! For myself and Mr. Stone, Thanksgiving represents appreciating family and enjoying a great meal together. It’s also an excuse to decorate for a celebration as far as I’m concerned!! The possibilities with crafts, baking and home decorations really are endless…even if, like us, you’re a vegetarian! I see no problem with turkey decorations, it’s symbolizes Thanksgiving. Even if we don’t eat one! From the painted hand and foot t-shirt design to the ‘turkey’ rice krispie treats, there are endless ways to replicate this big and beautiful bird.

On this page you’ll find images of Thanksgiving ideas that I found inspiring. I hope you do too.


  1. Evie says:

    Totally inspiring! Thank you for posting. Love Evie

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