The awful plastic thing I can’t live without

My life has been saved by a terrible looking piece of plastic. Well, ‘saved’ is probably a bit melodramatic. But not far off. Max is teething. He’s REALLY not a happy camper this week. All four front teeth are coming in at once. Poor little veggie sausage, there’s not a lot I can do for him. I’m doing all of the obvious. The tried-and-true remedies. I’m even nursing though his misery, razor sharp teeth tops and all. But his smiles have been replaced by his little fist in his mouth and a twisted look of anguish on his normally cheerful cherub face.

Jack’s teeth came in one at a time. We all could deal. This is bigger. So I went on parenting blogs looking for advice.  I needed to enter the trenches and talk to other parents who have been through the four-at-once experience and saw the other side. And they ALL told me the same thing. My solution could be found on eBay. It’s called the Jumperoo.

I really hate plastic toys. I especially hate plastic for babies. Plastic is all but banned in my house. I have, quite frankly, what can only be referred to as an obsession with keeping plastic out of my home. I’ve been known to write it on birthday invitations. Albeit small text at the bottom, but clearly states: NO PLASTIC PRESENTS PLEASE.

I don’t like the way plastic looks. I don’t think plastic is healthy. I especially don’t think the PAINT on plastic is healthy. Google ‘plastic toy paint health’ if you want to freak yourself out. I don’t recommend it though. Just take my word for it. plastic+small kids=health concerns and lots LOTS of recalls. 

But then, Max doesn’t have any plastic toys. Not a one. Even his playcot in our kitchen is made of wood. So after checking the Jumperoo hadn’t been recalled, AND that it wasn’t painted in China, and walking through the house trying to figure out where I could hide it, I finally, secretly, bought one. I was desperate to distract the babe from his teeth woes. And to bring back some calm to the house. I collected it on the same day. The ebay seller must have thought I was mental. Or maybe she understood. She embraced my ‘I’ll be there in 20 minutes’ with good humour.

And he’s been happy ever since. Non-stop bouncing. Boing boing boing…It’s like a door bouncer inside of a baby walker. It’s brilliant. He’s forgotten all about his teeth. And he wears himself out bouncing. When he can bounce no longer, he sits and stares at the many plastic distractions on the tray. They all make hideous plastic toy musical noises.

It’s better than a baby winging. Much better. I never thought it possible, but at this stage I can’t live without the Jumperoo. I even put it in the craft room, my favourite room in the house!

Don’t get me wrong. The second, and I mean SECOND those teeth all pop through–my love and loyalty to the Jumperoo will be no more. Right back up on eBay it will go. And I will, with good humour and a knowing smile, wait for the call the minute the auction ends, for the buyer to come immediately collect.


Here’s Max last night:


  1. Jenny Harmon says:

    The Jumperoo is the best baby product introduced in a long time. I couldn’t live without one either. It is cringe worthy and I have plastic!

  2. Amy Gould says:

    Amen to that.

  3. Razzie says:

    Wow is it ugly. I need one too. eBay here I come.

  4. Alison says:

    Thankyou for the tip Meg I just bought one on ebay. I’m chuffed to win the auction thanks for the advice.

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