The Beautiful Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday

At the weekend we went to a beautiful birthday party at our local park, just off the seafront. Park parties are fantastic for little kids as they are relaxed but provide the soft landing that wee ones need.  The little girl, Iris, is very lucky. She’s just turned two and the theme was teddy bear’s picnic. We all had to bring a bear. Her mother baked exquisite treats [yes, all homemade!] and created a loving atmosphere for all of the children that was just magical. Exactly what I love.

How cute are these button cookies? She made them with a standard round cutter than ‘added’ the detail with a chopstick.

Jack and I sewed her a bunting for her present. We photographed it before we wrapped it up. She loves lady birds. Didn’t it come out great?  I love making bunting. It’s so easy and satisfying!  [And yes, that's a lobster basket in my front yard, good Jewish girl that I am! It washed up on the beach after a storm and we dragged it home.]

I could have stayed in the park all afternoon. Alas, we had another party to go to. Bowling for boys! **Sigh** Embrace the teddy bear picnics, I tell you. They are quickly replaced by children who form their own opinions about what a party should be.



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