The Cowboy Themed Birthday

Jack has always been my little cowboy. Here’s a recent photo of him at a five-year’s old birthday party where he went dressed as a cowboy:

It’s just one of those classic themes for a kids party. Cowboy themes are easy to pull together. A little bit of plaid here, a little bit of gingham there…some horse things, a tumble weed or cactus is a nice touch… It also lends itself well for an outdoor party in a garden or at a park. This one [below] was hosted at a local nature reserve. The kids loved it!

Jack’s first birthday party was cowboy themed. Babies deserve birthday parties just like everyone else. It’s cause for celebration–even if it’s only the parents saying, hooray! We survived the year!

I sourced Cath Kidston vintage style cowboy fabric which enabled me to make bunting, goodie bags, etc.

We asked all of the babies to come dressed as cowboys. I found Jack a great cowboy shirt on eBay. I made the red ’fringe’ dungarees.

I draped tables with red gingham fabric, quickly hemmed. Sourced on the cheap at our local fabric store.


As the kids were little, I made cupcakes inserted with a cardboard cowboy instead of  a sheet cake.  It’s just easier to hand babies a cupcake.

We also had Jack’s hair cut for the first time at his first birthday party. This is just a nice tradition, but not a Jewish one. [Religious Jewish families wait until the 3rd birthday for their son's hair to be cut.]  

 OMG, check out the colour of my hair that year. Yikes. And I thought my recent plum was bad. What was I thinking? [Grin.]


In short, Cowboy [or Cowgirl!] parties are easy to pull off and always a winner!

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