The Jewish Nose

I think many Jewish people share physical traits that make us look alike. When we have a big gathering, such as a Purim celebration, I look around the room and giggle that we could all be related! Equally, you can put me in a crowd and I can pick out with acuracy those that are Jewish. Sometimes if I’m somewhere stuck with a lot of people I’ll silently do this to amuse myself. I have even been known to test my assumptions to prove how accurate I am. I’m always right!

I’ve asked many Jewish friends if they have the same insight. Everyone I’ve asked swears they can do it too! So, is it an imaginary thread that binds us all together? Do we really look alike, or do we just think so because we feel an unspoken bond? Or is it simply in-breeding because we are encouraged to marry in? [Kidding, I'm JUST KIDDING!]

I’ve grabbed some random photos off of the Internet of famous Jewish people. I’d be interested to hear if you see the resemblance. Can non-Jewish people see it? Do we really look alike? Or is it just me?


and some nice Jewish girls…

I think Jewish women in particular tend to have very similarly shaped faces. Our cheekbones are defined and our noses are similar. We also tend to have strong eyebrows and wide smiles. I could grab photos all night but I think I’ve proved a point. Do you agree?


  1. Josie Bachman says:

    I think we all look alike even if I don’t look like those lovely ladies! LOL.

  2. Josie Bachman says:

    and I wish my husband looked like Neil Diamond. Yummy. I think Elizabeth Taylor was Jewish too. Or did she convert? Yes so that doesn’t count.

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