Tooth Fairy Dilemma

Jack lost his top front tooth this week. It’s very exciting in the Stone house. Bittersweet for me, I have to say, to see his baby teeth fall. He’s growing up so fast. Yet I was distracted by the big debate that surfaced. Which tooth fairy would come visit us? Jack lost his bottom two teeth in England. He got a pound for each.

But does the English Tooth Fairy visit America? Surely it’s too far to fly? And there must be more than one tooth fairy Jack concluded, otherwise how would she carry all the different currencies?

We tried to simplify the concern by advising it was our assumption [Mr. Stone and I] that you get visited by the fairy based on the country you are in. This freaked Jack out.

But I am on the English Tooth Fairy’s Books! She will wonder what happened to me! And I will miss out on a Pound coin!!

Err, yes. This is true. So we had a long debate, brought on by Jack, about what happens to kids who lose teeth while on holiday. Surely the Tooth Fairy of their base home visits them? Hmmm. Okay…

So in the end, Jack ended up twice lucky. Both fairies came. He got a pound coin in pink glitter fabric, and a dollar in blue glitter fabric. We aren’t sure which fairy got the tooth. Jack says he’s okay with either of them having it. He’s just over the moon that neither forgot him. Bless.


  1. Rhonda says:

    Oh Jack looks so cute without his tooth!

  2. Amelia G says:

    I think the ‘fairies’ handled it very well!

  3. Celia Cook says:

    Your kids are so incredibly cute. Jack just gets more adorable by the post…

  4. Danielle says:

    I’m so impressed with this solution. Jack is a clever child who would confound me. Well handled!

  5. Felicity says:

    I am hooked on your blog. You have such cute kids!

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