The Triplets Came to Play!

Jack has triplets in his kindergarten class at school. Three very well behaved, absolutely darling boys. Two are identical and one is fraternal. Jack is very proud that he can tell them all apart. He rattles on about their individual, special talents. He’s impressed with them all for different reasons, he says.

Last week Jack asked me, very sweetly, if he could have them all over to play for a play date as he could not decide which one he liked best, and he didn’t want one of them to feel bad. Um, sure, why not. What’s a few more boys? It’s not like I haven’t thrown huge parties for children in Brighton. Admittedly though, I was expecting it to be a noisy afternoon.
Five boys under the age of six in my house [including Sprinkles, of course] you can see where I am coming from! Yet everyone was well behaved and played nicely. Max was enthralled to just watch them, and these boys are so used to sharing that no squabbles arose!

(What a contrast this was to a different play date that went south five minutes in; the boy asked me/Jack if he had any play swords or guns. [Never a good sign!] When I replied, um no, not really…he said–never mind. We can make them out of Lego! Nice. Even Jack gave me saucer eyes, like, OMG who did I invite over?!)

The triplets were delightful though! Polite, and dare I say it, quiet! I even managed to sit and enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee and read the paper for half an hour. It goes to show that it’s not the volume of boys but the manners that they are brought up with that make the play dates work. Jack had such a great time that he’s been pestering me asking when they can come back!


  1. Andrea says:

    I think you are very brave. I would not have three children over at the same time unless it was a party.

  2. Jan says:

    How cute are those boys!!!

  3. Alex says:

    Awwwww Jack looks like he’s tending bar!

    • Marie Cook says:

      I like the new look on your own site. It’s always fun to visit and read your blog. I’m not jewish but I love all the childhood embracing and innocence you capture.

  4. Tina says:

    Those triples are gorgeous. What a lucky (instant) family that mother experienced. They all look very healthy.

  5. Alana Johnson says:

    Your swingset, or I should say Jack’s is fantastic. Of course he should have friends over! He can entertain in style with that thing! I would assume it cost a fortune except that I read your blog so I can imagine you got a deal or something!

  6. Cherie says:

    This is definitely an appealing blog. I love your writing style. I have been reading the site for an hour and I only came across it by accident. These kids a are cute. I’ll visit again!

  7. Josie says:

    Triplets, how wonderful!

  8. Rhonda says:

    What a lucky boy Jack is to have such an understand cool mom!

  9. Amy says:

    I would have loved to have had triplets. Sigh. So cute.

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