Very Easy Costumes [Fancy Dress] for Kids

Home made costumes are so much better than store bought ones. I can’t be bothered to sew detailed, complicated stuff though. I make costumes that can be finished in a half hour or less. I hope you find this page inspiring!

I grew up calling  them costumes, but they are known as ‘fancy dress’ in the UK. Isn’t that funny? I would think fancy dress would be ball gowns, tuxes, etc. Anyhoo, tangent. Sorry. Whatever you call it, dressing up kids requires one VERY IMPORTANT golden rule: It must be comfortable or your child won’t wear it. There’s nothing worse than making something to find your kid says it’s ‘itchy’ and won’t keep it on. I have a very simple trick that not only makes costumes quick and easy to make, it will guarantee that they won’t find it itchy.

Always start with their own clothes. Yup, I ‘add on’ to t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. I don’t sew the body of the costume. I simply sew or glue to it. Here are some examples: 

Toy Story: Slinky Dog

Have you been invited to a Toy Story party? We’ve been to three. It’s a great theme, and here’s a fantastic costume that you can easily make at home.

 Start with a tan t-shirt. I bought this one on eBay. [eBay is a great source for locating specific coloured shirts, felt, etc. for costumes.]

  1. With felt, cut out some brown ovals to look like spots. Sew them on to the t-shirt.
  2. Around the tummy, sew or hot glue on silver ribbon or silver pipe cleaners.
  3. Buy two pairs of dark brown tights. With one pair, cut a leg and sew velcrow to the ‘ends’ to create a ‘sweat’ band. Cut brown felt the shape of ears and sew to the band. (The other tights are worn with the costume.)
  4. With the other leg you’ll make the dog collar. I basically uses tights like elastic. So, first the green part. With a length of green fabric the size of the tights leg, fold it over length-wise and sew inside out on the edge to create a green tube. Pull the brown tights leg through the tube and measure to size for your child’s neck, leaving it a bit loose. Sew the two ends to a circle of yellow felt to create the dog collar.
  5. Pair with kahki shorts.

Super Man!  

This simple costume is very easy to throw together.

  1. With a white t-shirt, hot glue on a yellow triangle.
  2. Cut out a red superman logo and glue it over the yellow. [Click here for my template if you need it.]
  3. Pair with blue tights and red under pants.
  4. The gold belt is just a wide gold ribbon [found at any fabric store] with a felt red and slightly smaller yellow oval sewed on one side, ‘velcrow’ on the other for easy on/off access.
  5. The cape is my standard 5 minute cape; A ‘flat top triangle cut piece of fabric with a ribbon sewn across the top to create the bow.

Prince Costume

This is the same concept.

  1. I’ve taken a yellow t-shirt and cut out a crown in purple felt which has been hot glued on.
  2. Next hot glue on ‘jewels’ to the shirt’s crown to add detail.
  3. I’ve traced a pair of trousers on top of gold lame fabric and sewn the gold fabric inside out to make the gold legs of the costume.
  4. I also used two rectangular gold lame scraps to make epiletts on the shirt.
  5. The crown is gold spray-painted cardboard with plastic jewels hot glued on.
  6. The cape is my 5 minute cape [noted above.]

Creative with a T-Shirt

Sometimes a costume can jsut be the shirt. For Jack’s weather themed birthday party, I simply hot glued white wadding cut like clouds all over the shirt.

For his friend Celia’s bug party, we hot glued rubber bugs to a khaki t-shirt and paired with khaki shorts and a safari hat [not show, sorry! But you get the idea...]!


 The Team Player

Jack went to a Sports party. Along this ‘t-shirt’theme I made him a ‘team player’ shirt. It’s just quick cut felt hot glued on…








  The Star Wars Themed ‘Yoda’ Costume

This no-sew costume was very easy to make! Jack was invited to a star wars party and I had to pull something together quick! Not bad, eh? We won first place for best costume there! The CD prize has been driving me mental for weeks. My fault for offering to put it in the car stereo.

 Click here for the step-by-step instructions.




Alligator /Crocodile /Dragon /Monster / Dinosaur/ Electric Eel Easy Sew Costume

You get the idea. This basic costume template can be adapted any number of ways. It all depends on the colour and the size of the teeth!

I made it from a hooded sweatshirt. Guaranteed to be comfortable, ideal for small kids or fussy ones!

Click here for the step-by-step instructions.


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