Happy Sukkot Everyone!

This is a joyous week on the Jewish calendar. We’re celebrating the Autumn festival known as Sukkot. [To read more about it, click here.] It’s a time to cherish spending time with family and friends outdoors in the crisp Autumn air. As long as it’s not miserable and cold, it’s good fun!

I’ve made a lemon wreath for my front door to represent one of the four symbols of Sukkot celebrations. Isn’t it fab? It’s just fake lemons hot glued to a wreath base. Easy Peasy.

For 10 great ideas to embrace Sukkot with your family, click here.

I’m planning Horseradish Encrusted Salmon barbecued in tin foil served with roasted sweet potatoes [Jack and I grew ourselves] to serve tonight. Sounds yummy, huh? Whatever you do I hope you have a lovely time doing it.


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