What is it about Club Penguins?

It irkes me. Annoys me. From the music in the background to the time it sucks away from my son’s brain, I just don’t get it. Paris says let him enjoy it. All kids need something to escape into sometimes. We don’t have an xbox or a Wii or any of the other noevelties Jack’s friends enjoy for hours on end–so I suppose it isn’t the end of the world that he begs for an hour to devote to this web site. But couldn’t they throw something educational into the mix, just a little something to make us parents feel better about it? He’s soo absorbed and screetches at us if we interupt him. Nice, huh.

I reached boiling point with this web site yesterday. We had plans to go to the zoo. He WAS excited to go. We sang the zoo song the night before, we charged the camera, packed a bag with water bottles, sunscreen, etc. the night before…all excited he was. UNTIL he realized that it was the same day some Penguin called Cadence was going to have a virtual concert. Really? UM, YEAH.

Fast forward to tantrums, “I don’t want to go! I’ll miss her…”

OMG. This is where Club Penguins fantasy meets reality and drives me crazy.  I ended up dragging him there anyway. I probably shouldn’t have. Because with every moment of fun, including feeding the birds, he was quick to ask, ‘”Are we going home yet?! I can’t miss Cadence!!”


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