Winter Branch Vase Decorations

Winter is a magical time. As autumn begins to fall and fade away, a frosty cool fills my home. I have lots of different home decoration ideas and winter branches are one of my favourite. They are so fun to make, from scavenging for branches in the park to arranging the branches in a vase or weaving them around my mantlepiece. I just to use a brilliant white spray for my branches and pull in silvers and a little blue to offset the sparkle but really there are endless ways to make and decorate your winter branches, here’s how I do it.

Go out to your local park, woodland area or, if you’re lucky enough, your own garden, soon after many of the branches and twigs have fallen and gather together long thin branches and twigs. Choose interesting shapes but try and maintain a length of about 1 meter long.

When you get home, wash any earthy dirt from your branches and dry them.

In a well ventilated space, outdoors is best, lay lots of old newspaper on the ground and lay a collection of your branches on top. To get a really brilliant colour, it’s best to apply a white first coat, this will highlight your second and third coat of colour. Spray evenly about 30cm away from your branches until they are completely covered. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes.

For the next coat, I like to use a silver spray paint. I divide my branches in three and spray lightly over one batch to achieve a sparkling effect. And for the second batch spray generously to have a full silvery finish. After these two bunches have dried, I like to combine these colours together with the snowy white branches.

To arrange my branches in a vase, I like to use a glass vase. Inside I place a handful of broken glass, be careful! Then begin to arrange my twigs much like I would a vase of flowers, allowing the stems of the branches to relax to the side of the vase.

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